Privacy Policy

Kindly read the entire Privacy policy as an understanding with you on collection, use and protection of your personal data.

1) Dhimsa swears by ethical use of data collected, retained and use of information provided by you on this website.

2)Your personal details include the following :-
a) Name
b) Age
c) Occupation
d) User ID and password of your choice
e) Email and mailing address
f) Telephone number
g) Payment processing details
h) Limited personal details

i) Any other information that Dhimsa may require

3. By the virtue of you using Dhimsa’s website, it is understood that you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed on this page (which is subject to amendment) and you are bound by it.

4) Browsing the website: You do not need to provide any personal information to browse Dhimsa’s website. However, you agree to provide personal details in certain cases such as while making a donation, filling out forms or registering yourself.

b) During the course of you navigating Dhimsa’s website, certain information is bound to get recorded such as :-
i) Data such as date and time and your browsing history will be recorded.
ii) The kind of browser you are using.
c) Dhimsa will not be tracking or recording any personal information or link this information to any other information provided by you.

d) Information is solely collected for the purpose of data analysis for course correction or to observe any patterns of date users and over all analysis of website traffic. The information may be used and shared by Dhimsa with discretion.

5) Dhimsa will use personal information for internal purposes in the following manners listed below :-
a) Sharing regular updates via emailers or any other promotional/marketing materials.
b) To process donations made by you to Dhimsa
c) To maintain receipts of donations made to Dhimsa. All information will be used to gauge visitors’ trends on the website.

6) Divulging of Personal Information

a) Dhimsa is not liable or accountable for any information shared with third parties who may be hired within the organization. We do not guarantee that your information will be kept confidential and Dhimsa is not responsible for any further activities related to use of your information by third party situation.

b) Dhimsa has full authority to share your personal information with people/organizations associated with us.

 c) Dhimsa is not to be held responsible for damage or embellishment caused due to misuse of your data by a third party situation.

d) Your personal information may be disclosed in case of any legal matters and to protect Dhimsa and its property.

7) We promise to use updated security technologies to safeguard your personal information.

8) Dhimsa revises the Privacy Policy periodically; therefore it is advisable to keep reviewing this page regularly for any further changes.
9) All the content on Dhimsa’s website is under the purview of Indian and International copyright laws. You may require prior approval before using any material on the website however; you are free to use the website to make any donations or enquiries.