About Dhimsa Monthly Magazine

Post the Landmark Samata Judgment, we started publishing Samata newsletter in 1997. To expand the scope and readership we started Dhimsa monthly news magazine in 2001 in Telugu. The main focus of Dhimsa is on socio-economic concerns of vulnerable and marginalized communities in India with particular focus in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are mainly dedicated to reflecting the voices of the tribal and Dalit communities in remote hills and forests whose rights to survival, livelihood and dignity of life are being trampled by the forces of mainstream and global economic perspectives of development. Published from Visakhapatnam, Dhimsa endeavors to bring to the world outside, the rich traditions and knowledge, the injustices and exploitation and development neglect of the tribal people as well as to enable the tribal people access information about the government and mainstream policies and programs which are beyond their reach.

In the last twenty years we have published reports on struggles and campaigns of indigenous communities around the world and also of other marginalized communities.  We have also brought news and analysis on government policies and programs, global policies, financial institutions and on sectors like forestry, mining, social development, labor, environment, health and education. Dhimsa also strives to empower and educate the marginalized communities on Constitutional values and principles- right to life with dignity, equality, secularism, freedom of speech and expression and many more as envisaged by our founding fathers.

Dhimsa magazine is giving utmost priority to educational issues. We believe that through education and awareness only any development takes place. In this endeavor, Dhimsa publishes special editions on education. Dhimsa is non-commercial news magazine. It survives only on subscriptions and readers support. Dhimsa reaches to communities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Odisha and Delhi. A group of socially sensitive writers with deep understanding of Constitutional values and principles and senior journalists contribute to Dhimsa every month.

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